What is the duty free limit for imports?

The unique DHL EasyShopTotal Cost Calculator can give you an estimate of what you will have to pay, but its accuracy depends on the information supplied.

An example of a Tax and Duty calculation for an import from anywhere in the world to Kuwait when using DHL EasyShop would be:

5% on CIF + 1.5 KWD


Goods Paid Price = US$100

Freight Charges = 30 US$ (Freight value must be declared on waybill)

Insurance C&F = (100+30)*1%= 131.3 $

Total duty value= US$131.3*5%=US$6.5

Conversion to KWD= US$ 6.5 * 0.3 = 1.95 KWD

1.95 KWD + 1.5 KWD= 3.45 KWD

Total Duty Payable: 3.45 KWD

The value obtained from the Total Cost Calculator may be higher or lower than the actual total cost due, for example, to differences between estimated and actual currency exchange rates, package weights, product classification or value, and/or volumetric weight calculations for bulky, lightweight packages. See FAQ What is 'volumetric weight'?


  • All above charges might vary at any point of time as per Kuwait Customs
  • All Duty Exempt Items will be charged only 1.5 KWD