What is Parcelsnap?

ParcelSnap is a free service that is instantly applied to your package when it arrives to our warehouse. Our staff will take photographs of:

  • the outside of your package,
  • the contents inside and
  • the package after Package Repacking (if applicable).

ParcelSnap allows you to ensure your shipment is exactly as you ordered it before it arrives to your home.

Why did you add ParcelSnap?

With ParcelSnap, you have more control over your packages. You can view your package and its contents every step of the way at our warehouse and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Determine that your package contents are correct before they are shipped internationally.
  • If a return is needed, ParcelSnap allows you to start the process right away rather than waiting until you receive the package.
  • If Package Repacking service is applied, ParcelSnap allows you to see how we repackage your shipments, giving you peace of mind that it is safe for international travel.

How do I select ParcelSnap, and how much does it cost?

Without your involvement, ParcelSnap is applied to all packages that arrive to our U.K. and German transport hubs.

Where can I see ParcelSnap images?

Sign in to your DHL EasyShop account to view ParcelSnap photos. You can view them at shipment release and in your shipment history.

  1. 1. Shipment release:
    Go to the shipment release page.
    Locate the camera icon next to the shipment description. Click on the icon to view your ParcelSnap images. Go to the shipment release pageClick on the icon to view your ParcelSnap images
  2. 2. Shipment history:
    Locate the camera icon next to the merchant’s name.
    Click on the camera icon to view images of your shipment.

    /!\ the camera icon is displayed only for parcels having pictures available.Click on the camera icon to view images of your shipment
  3. Who can access the pictures of my package contents?

    Only you and members of our customer service team can access the images.

    How will I know when ParcelSnap images are available?

    As always, you will receive an email when your shipment arrives to our warehouse. This also serves as the ParcelSnap notification. You can access your ParcelSnap images in this email.

    How quickly are ParcelSnap images available to me?

    You will have access to your ParcelSnap images at the same time you receive the notification that your shipment has arrived to our warehouse. Access to the images are in the same email.

    Do I have to approve the ParcelSnap images before my shipment can be released?


    There is a problem with the items in my order. What can I do?

    We will connect you with a DHL EasyShop customer service representative to set up a return request for your item. We cannot offer assistance with exchanges at this time.

    What will happen if the packaging is damaged?

    Without your involvement, a member from the DHL EasyShop staff will apply our Package Repacking service. ParcelSnap images will show you the damages of the shipment and how our staff repacked it for you.

    Is ParcelSnap available for all DHL EasyShop hubs?

    At the moment, ParcelSnap is only available for packages arriving to our U.K. and German warehouses.

    I do not want images of my package. How do I opt out of ParcelSnap?

    Sign in to your DHL EasyShop account and locate Account Settings in the lower left corner of your dashboard. Select "Do not apply ParcelSnap to my shipments" and then click "Save changes."