Why Did My DHL EasyShop Address Change?

US HUB - On May 25, 2018, we moved our export facility from Lockbourne, Ohio to a larger warehouse in Newark, Delaware.

DE HUB - Starting February 19, 2018, our German export facility will be moved to a different building within the same complex. This means your German address building number has changed from 555C to 579A.

What to know

  • Where can I find the new address? The new address can be found in the "My suite addresses" section of your Borderlinx dashboard. Your unique suite number has not changed.
  • When should I start using the new hub address? Immediately. All future shipments should be addressed to your new hub address.
  • I currently have shipments being delivered to the old address. What do I do? To avoid delays, please make sure orders placed are shipped to the updated address. Orders sent to the old address will be transferred to the new hub location within 2-5 days.