Do I really have to pay tax and duty?

Yes you do - and there are heavy fines or even criminal proceedings for anyone trying to evade import taxes and duties.

You are the "Importer" for your purchases and you are responsible for an accurate declaration of the nature of the goods and their value. This information is used to determine taxes and duties by your local Customs Authority. You can verify the accuracy of any shipment in your suite by logging into your suite and reviewing the details for items waiting to be shipped. All imported goods must be declared to customs - regardless of whether the goods are new or used or whether you are buying them for yourself or as a gift. Some countries set a value threshold under which they do not collect duty or tax ("de minimis" value). If your shipment is under this threshold, DHL EasyShop will not collect any payment from you for duty or tax. However, you should be aware that Customs reserves the right to revalue or reclassify items which are imported. If this occurs, you may be liable to pay the additional amount upon delivery.

If you are not sure whether your goods will be liable for local duties and taxes please contact us via Chat.

Local sales or other taxes may also apply for domestic deliveries from the Merchant to your DHL EasyShop Suite address. These will show up in your record of the purchase transaction before you make your payment to the Merchant.

Sometimes merchants don’t include an invoice or packing slip with the package. In this situation, you will receive a message from us asking you to upload the invoice and payment receipt you received from the merchant at the time of purpose.

BE AWARE: Some unscrupulous Merchants imply on their websites that they will either mis-describe items or under-declare their value in order to evade customs charges. However, we emphasise that you as the "Importer" are legally responsible for the accurate declaration of the goods and their value for assessment of tax and duty in the importing country. So although the Merchant may produce a commercial invoice, you are legally responsible for the information on the customs declaration and for any customs duties and taxes that may be due. This means that if you purchase goods from these Merchants, and the declaration is found to be false or misleading, you may be liable for financial penalties or even criminal prosecution and having your goods confiscated by Customs. DHL EasyShop is not responsible for any mis-statements of duty or tax, whether by you or the Merchant.