What should I do if my DHL EasyShop address is not accepted by an US online merchant?

On occasion, when entering your US shipping address at checkout at selected US online Merchants, you may receive something like the following message: "the street name or number appears to be invalid", or a message that asks you to "Confirm" the address. If this happens, try submitting the address a second time.

Remember: your DHL EasyShop Suite Number is essential to ensure delivery of your goods. Depending on the Merchant you are buying from, you may have to enter it after your name, or in address line 1. Or you may need to reverse the information in lines 1 and 2 of your suite address. If you are getting an error message, try replacing the hyphen (-) between the two numbers with a space.

If trying this does not work, contact us. Our Customer Service team would be glad to assist you.